The Adventures of You & Me | Day In the Life Sessions

What is Family Photojournalism?

Family photojournalism is a documentary about your family — it is all about telling YOUR story. Family Photojournalism is about capturing what is wonderfully ordinary and showcasing it. 

Why would I want this for my family?

While the matchy-matchy, sitting-on-a-picnic-blanket-in-the-park portraits are beautiful, they often don't go into much detail about who each member of your family really is. Documentary-style photography goes beyond plastered smiles and captures the essence of who your family is—setting in stone those details that you may forget in years to come:

*What your 5-year-old son's most favorite ratty t-shirt was*

*How your daughter's freckles really stood out after a day out in the sun*

*The slight mullet your toddler had because you couldn't bear to cut their hair just yet*

*How your family transitioned during the addition of a new baby*

*Where the family dog's secret sun-bathing spot was*

How does it work?

I come into a family’s home for 1 or more hours while you are doing your normal routines together. No perfectly combed hair. No matching clothing. No candy-bribing to get a child to smile. Heck—they don't even have to look at the camera.

Instead, as you play and work together per usual, I’m there—capturing a series of images that tell a story about your family's life together.  

During a session, I do my best to capture the magic of the ordinary—lurking in the shadows alongside your dirty dishes, unfolded laundry, and Goldfish scattered across the counter. These are the things that make up your life.

These moments will be presented in higher-quality images that a snapshot or an iPhone click just can't do justice. Let's make memories and timeless photos together that you will want hanging in the halls of your home, and sitting on a coffee table in your living room.


"Kara came to our house to capture some great moments when we weren't even looking. She said before she came to pretend she wasn't even there and that she was looking to get pictures of what everyday life looks like for us. I will admit, at first it was a little hard to pretend she wasn't there, but after an hour or so it became a bit easier. The type of photography that Kara does isn't the traditional posed pictures that we all already have so many of. She wanted real in the moment pictures... laughing, crying, upset, cuddles, and whatever else happens in a day. She did an amazing job capturing us all in our natural elements. Here is just a small sample of the moments she was able to capture." -J.N.

"Beautiful. It is like having the White House photographer in your home." -J.H.S

"Kara came to our house a couple weeks ago and took our pictures. It wasn't the traditional posed pictures, she was like a fly on the wall and captured some great moments when we weren't even looking. I have so many pictures of everyone looking and smiling and was so happy to get something different. She did an amazing job capturing us all in our natural elements. I love that we all can look back at a "regular day" with our 3 boys." -C.D.

“Oh my gosh!!! These made me tear up looking through them! Thank you!!!” -J.P.

“OMG I love them so much!!! Thank you!” -J.A.

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