The Adventures of You & Me | About Fresh 48

So, what is a Fresh 48 session, anyway? 

A Fresh 48 Session is a documentary-style session that is captured within the first 48 hours at the location of your birth! 

Rather than me coming to the hospital for your entire birth (or in addition, if you'd like), I come within 48 hours after you've given birth. Your birth team will have had time to clean you up, & perhaps you've had a chance to nap, eat, freshen up, and cuddle the newest member of your clan. When family members are coming to meet baby for the first time...that's my cue! All of the "wow" and "awww" faces that cannot be contained in front of a newborn will be captured, highlighting those explorative moments that are unforgettable. 



  • Like a birth, a Fresh 48 session has to be booked while you're pregnant! You or a family member will need to notify me when you're in labor, since I'll still be on a slightly less rigid on-call situation.  

  • ***Discounts are available when this is booked in addition to a birth session.