What is Family Photojournalism?

Family photojournalism/documentary family photography — is all about telling YOUR story. It isn't about everyone wearing matching white button-down shirts and khaki cargo pants. It isn't about wrestling with young children who are just so sick of saying cheese. Family Photojournalism is about capturing what is deliciously ordinary and imperfect. I come into a family’s home for 1 or more hours while you are doing your normal routines together. No candy bribing to get a child to smile, and heck, they don't even have to look at the camera. Instead, as you play and work together I’m there capturing a series of images that tell a story about your family's life together. This can be done to mark a particular transition in your family's life, or just because you felt like it :) 

Why would I want this for my family?

While the matchy-matchy, sitting on a picnic blanket in the park portraits are beautiful, they often don't go into detail about who each member of your family member really is. This photo goes beyond smiles, and captures the essence of who you are—remembering those details that you may forget in years to come. What your 5-year-old son's most favorite ratty t-shirt was, how your daughter's freckles really stood out after a day out in the sun, or the slight mullet your toddler had because you couldn't bear to get their first haircut just yet. It's about capturing the magic of the ordinary, in images higher-quality than simply a snapshot or an iPhone capture lost in a cloud of information.   


A Typical Session... 

  • 2-4 hours of documentary-style shooting around an afternoon, morning, or evening of family rituals/activities + 1 playfully posed family portrait.

  • On location in your home, or other favorite place. 

  • 100+ pristinely edited images in an online gallery. 

***NOTE: If your children are above a certain age, it is highly recommended that a specific activity is planned (as well as personal electronic devices are put away), as to occupy their attention away from the photographer.