When You're Gone (an iPhone dump)

September 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This is what a lot of life has looked like lately:

Not so much the bunny ears, but there has been a lot of Video Chatting happening this Summer, and now Autumn. For those who aren't aware, my husband is a medical student. On top of that, he is in the Air Force too (notice the beardlessness in the above photo, much to my dismay). 

This season of school and life has meant a lot of training and a LOT of traveling. Sometimes I feel lucky at how "adventurous" we get to be, by traveling around and having lived in several places so far... but then other times, man do I just want to be home... in a routine and settled. Then after a week of being back and settled, I get restless again! The grass is always greener, I suppose. 

So far since June, Jared has been to 5 states (not including ones driven through)— Ohio, California, Nevada, North Carolina, & now Florida. All to make our life better. To work hard to figure out what the best next step for our little family's journey is. I am so in awe in how hard you work, and how you rarely complain. 

I've had to figure out how to do things alone. For the sake of all of our sanities! IT IS HARD. I miss your company and your presence. I miss our dumb inside jokes that we always regret attempting to explain to other people (we're not as funny as we think we are). I miss holding hands while you drive. I miss sitting next to you in church, smiling while you experiment with your singing—trying to find the harmony while we join the congregation in singing hymns.  

In all honesty, I'm better when you're around. Your presence makes me WANT to be better. You bring out a focus and drive in me that I can't explain. And when you leave I turn into a pumpkin again. A pumpkin that is seriously tempted to eat scrambled eggs or cereal for every meal. 

 I think the thing I miss the most though, is that magical hour or two in between you coming home from work and Alo's bedtime. Where you both light up the room with your love for each other, and I turn a blind eye while you toss him a little higher in the air than I probably would.


Then after cleaning up dinner and talking, we cuddle up on the couch. I argue about what we're going to watch on Netflix while we scroll for a good 20 minutes. You put up with it, even though we both know full well that I am just going to fall asleep 10 minutes into whatever we end up watching anyway. 

Monday can't come soon enough—we get to discover Florida with you, a place where we might live in just 8 short months. It's too soon to tell where we'll go for sure. For now, I look most forward to you coming back to New York, and enjoying that last slice of time in this home and soaking in the last true Autumn and snow-filled Winter we'll get for at least 3 years.  


Thank you for everything you do, my love. Home is wherever you are.



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